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Onurel Textile; With more than 40 years of experience in the underwear sector, it stands out as a leading company in the production of men's, women's and children's underwear. We continue to offer the best options in underwear by adopting high standards in quality, aesthetics and comfort.


As Onurel Tekstil, we color your wardrobe and add comfort to your daily life with our collections that reflect original styles. We are proud to announce our name not only in the local market, but also in the international arena. Thanks to our export activities, we appeal to a wide range of customers, taking into account different cultures and tastes.

As Onurel Tekstil, we also attach great importance to sustainability principles. By using environmentally friendly materials, we take on the responsibility of protecting nature and leaving a more livable world to future generations.


Discover Onurel Tekstil products, which are the choice of those who seek quality and style together, and meet a new standard in underwear.



By gaining the trust of our customers, to design and produce the highest quality underwear products, to ensure that they reflect their style and comfort at every moment. To create a sustainable impact in the sector, to set an example with an environmentally friendly production approach.


As Onurel Tekstil, we aim to be a globally recognized and preferred brand in the field of underwear. By combining fashion and functionality in perfect harmony, we want to help our customers make their daily lives more special and enjoyable. We will continue to consolidate our leadership in the sector with our approach focused on innovation, environmentally friendly production and customer satisfaction.

Material Selection:

We select the highest quality fabrics and materials for our products. We produce by considering comfort, durability and aesthetic features.


Production Processes:

Thanks to modern technology and our expert production team, we keep our production processes under strict control. Compliance with quality standards is ensured at every stage.


Details and Stitches:

Fine details and sewing quality are characteristic of our products. Every seam is meticulously checked for durability and aesthetics.


Comfort and Fit:

Comfort and harmony are important in underwear. While designing our products, we take care to provide these two factors at the highest level.


Color and Pattern Quality:

The colors of our products should be vibrant and permanent. We pay special attention to color fastness and pattern details.


Product Tests:

Each product passes quality and durability tests. We perform performance and functional tests to offer our customers the best products.



We adopt a sustainable production approach by focusing on environmentally friendly production methods. These quality standards reflect the principles we follow while designing and producing our products as Onurel Tekstil.

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